I first came across the charity Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI (A Future for Children) in 2006 and at the time, I decided to sponsor a child.

The photos of the slums of Kolkata touched me deeply. Children sleeping on the pavements, begging barefoot for a few rupees amidst the exhaust fumes of the traffic, eating rice mixed with sand so as to stave off their hunger – all this is reality in Kolkatta.

The dedicated and professional work of Xavier Raj Arul on behalf of these children impressed me greatly, as did the tremendous commitment and efforts of ZUKI in Austria. Since 2008, I have had the privilege of heading-up this Charity, together with Marlies Steinbach. Thanks to the generous support that we experience in Austria and the enormous commitment and dedication of our team both here in Austria and on-site in India we have been able to achieve a great deal.

Over 750 Children, who previously lived in filthy, wretched conditions, who at the age of 10 could neither read nor write, who faced a future of child labour or prostitution – now live in one of our children’s homes, go to school daily, wear their uniform with pride and can once again dream about their future – as a doctor, or lawyer or perhaps a social worker fighting against poverty. Children in Kolkatta and Sundarbans now receive the essential help they need, thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors and supporters. We are eternally grateful to you for your interest, for your belief in what we are doing and for your willingness to become involved with and help children who are far away.

Welcome to the children’s future!

Claudia Stöckl
Ö3 Presenter and joint Chairwoman of Zukunft für Kinder - ZUKI

Austrian Ambassador to India visits ZUKI
It was a great honour for us that Dr. Bernhard Wrabetz, the Austrian Ambassador in India visited our project in Kolkata. The eight strong delegation visited our English speaking Nalanda School, our childrens' homes, the dining hall, medical centre and vocational training facilities.We are very grateful to Dr. Wrabetz for his keen interest ...
Soup kitchen in The Sundarbans up and running!
In May 2015 ZUKI started an emergency soup kitchen in The Sundarbans after excessively heavy rainfall in April wiped out over 60% of the harvest, threatening the local population with a risk of famine. The provision of one warm meal a day provides considerable assistance to each family where a child is supported by ZUKI.
10 years Austrian Seal of Approval for ZUKI!
On 18 June, 2015 Marlies Steinbach, joint Chairwoman of ZUKI - Zukunft für Kinder received the Austrian Seal of Approval for Charitable Organisations for the 10th year in succession.