Our projects

The organisation Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI supports street children and children without the opportunity of an education or medical care in the third world.

Project Kolkata: Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI offers individual sponsorships for children living in the project who have come from the slums, red-light districts and desperately poor surrounding areas of the city. Each monthly sponsorship (35 Euros) covers the daily cost of looking after a child, including providing them with schooling and medical care. A total of 230 children are currently being cared for.

Most of the children attend the on-site Nalanda School; an English speaking school that provides them with a significant advantage as the ability to read and write in English is much sought after. Some attend external schools where they are taught in the local language, Bengali.

Our objective is that each child should leave the project when their education is complete (be it higher education or vocational training) and when they have their first job and are able to care for themselves. 20 young people have left to date and are living independently.

Project Sundarbans: Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI also arranges sponsorships (18 Euros per month) to cover the cost of education and medical care of children living in 2 remote villages in the Sunderbans, a vast tidal forest area approximately 100km south ok Kolkata, characterised by the extreme poverty of the local inhabitants. 340 children are currently being supported.

The Sunderbans Primary school comprises three buildings and a health care centre.

After the devastsation caused by cyclone Aila in May 2009, ZUKI organised a soup kitchen for the children and their families until the first rice harvest after the cyclone was available in 2010.

Project Streetwork:Since May 2010, Zukunft für Kinder - ZUKI also supports 150 street children still living on the streets, providing them with 2 hours of lessons daily (held on plastic sheeting on the pavements) and health care, with a mobile doctor visiting twice weekly.

We offer individual sponsorships from 20-40 euros a month, to cover the cost of supporting 2-10 children. As a result of this basic education and health care, the children's lives and future opportunities are improved.

Please help by supporting a child and giving them the gift of a brighter future!