The Austrian Seal of Approval for Charitable Donations and tax deductability

The organisation Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI was founded in 2002 and was awarded the Seal of Approval for Charitable Donations by the Austrian Chamber of Chartered Public Accountants and Tax Consultants in 2004. Financial donations are passed virtually in their entirety (less than 1% of the total sum is deducted for administrative overheads) to the projects in India!

Since 2009, Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI is also on the Treasury’s list of tax favourable organisations, hence all sponsorships and donations are tax deductible.

Financial control and audit:
Zukunft für Kinder is subject to three financial audits per year:
- by the organisation’s own internal auditors
- by the external auditors EURAX for the Austrian Seal of Approval for Charitable Donations
- by the auditors Price Waterhouse Coopers for the Treasury’s list of tax favourable organisations.

The organisation “Missionaries of the Word” was also officially granted the status of a Registered Charitable Trust on 16th January 1998 (IGR Nr. 928468). As such independent financial auditors undertake a financial audit annually and provide Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI with a copy of the  audit report.
In addition, quarterly financial reports are compiled outlining and documenting the utilisation of funds donated. These reports are examined and validated during the annual control visits.

Annual control visits:
Each year, members of the Zukunft für Kinder - ZUKI Board and Team travel to the projects in Kolkata and Sunderbans to monitor developments and check on the  progress that is being made and to discuss future plans with the local team.