Our mission

Sonniya lived and begged on the streets, before being taken in by Xavier Raj Arul at the age of 3. Today, she is like a ray of sunshine in the project.

The charitable organisation Zukunft für Kinder – ZUKI supports street children and children living in poverty who would otherwise not have the opportunity of an education or medical care, in the third world.

Current projects:

Project Kolkata

ZUKI has supported Xavier Raj Arul since 2002 in his efforts to relieve the plight of Kolkata's street children. Raj, who for many years worked with Mother Theresa helping Kolkata's poorest, decided in 1994  to dedicate his efforts to caring for street children from the slums, red light districts and surrounding suberbs of the city. Today, ZUKI cares for the complete needs of approximately 250 children, providing them with a home, food, education and medical care in a supportive, loving environment.

Project Streetwork

ZUKI's most recent project focuses on the support of approximately 150 children still living on the streets, providing them with 2 hours of education daily and medical care. 

Project Sundarbans

ZUKI also supports a project, founded by Xavier Arul in The Sundarbans, a mangrove forest area approximately 100km south of Kolkata in the vast Delta on the Bay of Bangal. Here Zukunft für Kinder - ZUKI supports a school project and provides medical care for approximately 300 children. 

"Zukunft für Kinder - ZUKI" (pdf)